Directeur administratif et financier à temps partagé


“I had the pleasure of working with Jean Claude Vandais for almost 10 years at FCI Electronics. JC was our European controller responsible for a significant number of legal entities throughout the European continent, and even had India under his responsibility for some of that time. In this role, JC was responsible for all aspects of finance and accounting.
JC has an excellent knowledge of the complexities and financial mechanisms of a significant number of European countries that FCI had presence in. His expertise in these various legal entities covers all aspects of finance and accounting and it showed in his innovative thinking and unique proposals of solutions to various challenges we confronted.
During the years JC was with FCI, he routinely confronted an environment of constant change. Because of Jean Claude’s keen leadership abilities, he always added an element of calm and exhibited a management style that stabilized the organization even in the most stressful situations.
Because of these skills and adding in his high level of ethics and reliability, I strongly recommend Jean Claude as someone who can bring value to any organization that has the need for an experienced finance professional.”

F. Michael Longo
CFO FCI Electronics

“While I was at FCI Jean Claude brought a broad range of skills, perspective and contribution to the finance team. I know Jean Claude as a empathic person, convincing others and steering people to the right direction.Jean Claude gets results by combining his result oriented focus and his social communications skills with people trust to change.”

Bert van Hintum
Site Manager FCI Hertogenbosch

“I take this opportunity to thank you for the great support given to me and the Finance team in GBS. You have all faith in the GBS Team and also supported us to develop and take up bigger challenges. You have always enlightened us with the knowledge and experience.”

Ajith Kumar
Manager of financial shared services FCI (India)

“Dear Jean-Claude,
Thanks for all the guidance you provided when I was working under you. You had been a tough boss which helped me to be more alert and pushed me to work hard. I personally owe a lot to you. Wishing you the very best in your future assignment.”

FCI India

“It was a big pleasure to work with you. You were a great teacher, and helped me always even if the conditions were not ideal.
I would like to say many thanks for your continuous support.”

Renata Horvath
FCI Hungary

“Till the end, I was hoping for a miracle..!!! It has been a pleasure to work with you and many thanks for your kindly cooperation”

Chistina Ghidella
Studio Jona Italy