Directeur administratif et financier à temps partagé

Main Achievements

  • In conventional roles held by a CFO or a financial controller:

    With my 25+ years experience in finance, I can help you in most of the conventional roles held by a CFO or financial controller :

    • Business controlling : pricing, credit notes follow-up – tracking of profitability by customer, by brand, by product portfolio 6 – KPIs on sales force performance, follow-up of sales incentives, financial support for product management or contract negotiation with customers…
      Some examples of specific achievements in this area :

      • Participation as financial support for range and brand optimization (Technicolor/FCI)
      • Implementation of a monthly pricing and profitability performance at product’s level (Technicolor)
      • Implementation of a general process involving all departments (quality, sales, customer service, finance) for customers credit notes approvals leading to 30% reduction of credited amounts (FCI)
    • Manufacturing controlling  : cost accounting – standard, average or ABC costing – hourly costs tracking – cost reduction programs implementation and follow-ups, equipment efficiency with TRS and OEE ratios, production films analysis

      Some examples of specific achievements in this area :

      • Implementation of a monthly costing tracking committee (including R&D, sales, product management, finance) in charge of analyzing the monthly cost evolution of key products (Technicolor – OKMCO)
      • Value analysis program with direct costs reduction of 10% (Technicolor OKMCO)
      • Product costing optimization with better custom duties management (form A, inward processing arrangements) (Technicolor)
      • Implementation of a monthly hourly rate tracking by workshop (FCI)
      • Redesign of controlling tools following the implementation of lean manufacturing (FCI)
    • Monthly reporting, budget, business plan
      Some examples of specific achievements in this area :

      • Closing schedules reduced from 7 days to 4 days (FCI)
    • Accounting/Taxes :
      Some examples of specific achievements in this area :

      • Spin-off of Busbar activity (FCI Pontartlier)
      • Merge of 3 European entities with full redesign of chart of accounts including European VAT accounting (FCI)
      • Redefinition of transfer price rules (FCI)
      • Creation of a European accounting position specialized in VAT and intrastat management (French, German, Dutch and British declarations) (FCI)
      • Local outsourcing of accounting responsibilities (FCI Hungary/FCI Italy)
    • Treasury : debt management, bank conditions and costs optimization, daily treasury management
      Some examples of specific achievements in this area :

      • Interest risk and forex risk management through options and interest rate swaps (Econocom)
      • Reduction of receivables and of DSO by optimizing LC follow-up in Asia (Technicolor – OKMCO) or by reorganizing cash collection team and refocusing on ageing balances (FCI)
      • Inventory reduction with monthly follow-up of ageing and rotation indicators, by redesigning the product phase out process (Technicolor)
  • Information systems /ERPs:

    • Implementation of systems for tracking forex and interest rate positions (in house developments on internal databases)
      Econocom (1989), Technicolor (1991)
    • Implementation of Treasury back-office systems
      Technicolor (1991)
    • Implementation in 3 asian sites (2 manufacturing sites in China and 1 trading company in Hong Kong)
      • With complete redefinition of accounting chart of accounts and processes, of manufacturing cost accounting
      • With monthly tracking of average actual direct costing

      Technicolor OKMCO (2001)

    • Migration of Merge Optics business (Berlin –manufacturing and R&D activities ; 10M€ turnover) from Navision system to QAD system :
      Including manufacturing, supply chain , accounting and reporting activities
      Merge Optics (2010)
    • Management of IS project team for merging 3 legal companies in Europe (1 manufacturing site, 1 distribution center and 1 trading company) on MFGPRO system :
      • With full redefinition of accouting processes and especially VAT
      • And management of all impacts for customers (EDI, legal and contractual aspects)

      FCI ELX (2011)

  • Restructuring/reorganization:

    • Closing of manufacturing site de FCI Pontarlier (headcount : 200 ; turnover : 35M€) with :
      • Transfer of production lines to India
      • Site reindustrialization
      • Spin-off of « Busbar » activity

      FCI Pontarlier (2004/2005)

    • Closing of manufacturing site La Ferté Bernard (headcount : 270 ; turnover : 45M€) with :
      • Transfer of production lines to India and China
      • FCI La Ferté Bernard (2008/2009)

      • Creation of trading company in Hong Kong
      • Technicolor-OKMCO (2000/2001)

      • Merge of distribution and manufacturing activities under a unique legal company:
        • With management of all IS aspects
        • And management of social aspects especially on the financial teams

      FCI La Ferté Bernard (2010)

    • Transfer of a part of financial and accounting teams from France to Germany and Hungary (6 employees impacted)
      FCI ELX (2013)
  • Reorganization /optimization of accounting and financial teams :

    • Growth management and adaptation of financial and accounting teams to fast growth of turnover
      Technicolor – Division OKMCO (2000/2003)
    • Progressive downsizing of financial and accounting teams in the framework of restructuring actions
      FCI Pontarlier (2004/2005) – FCI La Ferté Bernard (2008/2009)
    • Integration of financial and accounting teams during business acquisition and adaptation to tools and processes of the buyer
      Merge Optics (2010)
    • Reorganization of financial and accounting teams in the context of shared services implementation
      Technicolor – Division OKMCO (20001) ; FCI ELX (2005) ; FCI ELX (2011)
    • Outsourcing of accounting activities for small sized companies (headcount : from 10 to 20) – FCI Hungary et FCI Italy
      FCI (2011)
    • Transfer of a part of financial and accounting teams from France to Germany and Hungary (6 employees impacted)
      FCI (2013)
  • Shared services :

    • Merge of accounting services for Chinese manufacturing sites and trading company in Hong Kong in Shenzen :
      • In conjunction with SAP implementation
      • Impacting especially customer accounting and accounts payables ledger

      Technicolor – OKMCO (2001)

    • Creation of accounts payables CSS (Central Shared Service) in India for european activities with :
      • Transfer of all AP ledger activities from European sites (1 manufacturing site in France, 1 logistic platform in the Netherlands, 1 R&D center in Germany and 1 sales unit in the UK)
      • Followed by progressive extension to some monthly reporting activities (interco positions reconciliation, support for some reporting appendixes)

      FCI – ELX (2005)

    • Creation of a European administrative CSS (Central Shared Service) regrouping 10 persons and managing :
      • Accounts Payables ledger
      • Cash collection and Accounts Receivables ledger
      • General ledger (monthly closing postings, provisions and follow-up of provisions)
      • Monthly VAT returns and intrastat declarations centralized for several European countries : France, Germany (including « Zusammenfassende Meldung », « Umsatzsteuereklärung »),UK, Netherlands (including ICP declaration)
      • Daily treasury management with direct management of around 10 banking local accounts in Europe through Connexis

      FCI – ELX (2011)

  • Financial support for international expansion

    • Management of forex hedging tools (options), of financial international payment tools (documentary credit, letters of credit)
      Technicolor (1990-1992)
    • Acquisition of assets of Merge Optics GmbH en Allemagne and start-up of all corresponding accounting and financial activities
      FCI – ELX (2011)
    • Direct financial management of a small company in the UK – FCI Connectors UK Ltd (accouting, statutory and tax accounts, statutory reporting, financial and legal follow-up)
      FCI-ELX (2010-2013)
    • Financial management of various entities located in Europe : Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden
      FCI-ELX (2010-2013)
  • Administrative and financial support for foreign companies expanding in France or in Europe :

    I have been from 2010 to 2013 the European CFO of an international company having among others the responsibility to support the division for all administrative and financial aspects in France and in Europe. I will be able therefore to help a foreign company wishing to implement or expand in France or in Europe for all aspects (accounting, formalities, subsidies…).